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ABOUT Bright Star

We are a multi purpose facility that is for all form of use. We have a renovated movie theater with top of the line production. This facility has a huge stages and seats around 500 people. We have all type of events from wedding, to stage plays, pageants, concerts, and more.

We have 4k video recording equipment

We offer photography 

Production rentals and production services.

This is an added featured if you want your event professionally recorded.

If you need professional photography before, during, or after your event. We have a photography studio and a team with run and gun cameras.

We have production equipment that you can rent out. Also we provide production equipment for events. We have things like headset mics, moving lights, video screens. Also technicians who can program for your needs. 

Marketing services and Promotion content

We have a team of some of the most savvy marketing minds in the city of Texarkana. We do social media marketing, and more. Also we can help create promotion content like videos and graphics.

Bright star theater in Photos

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